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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Nagina Pincode / Post Office Search (BIJNOR, Uttar Pradesh)

Aasfabad Chaman B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Afzalgarh S.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Alampur Ganvri B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Alladinpur Bhogi B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Allhapurmohkam B.O 246747NaginaUttar Pradesh
Anwarpur Chandka B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Badhapur S.O 246724NaginaUttar Pradesh
Baibalpur B.O 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Barkhera B.O 246724NaginaUttar Pradesh
Barooki B.O 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Bhagwanpur B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Bhatpura B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Bheekhawala B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Bhogli B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Birla Farm B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Gordhanpur B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Hafizabad B.O 246747NaginaUttar Pradesh
Haijarpur B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Harbanspur Dharam B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Harganpur B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Hidayatpur B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Hirawali B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Islamabad B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Jamanwala B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Jatpura B.O 246747NaginaUttar Pradesh
Jhilmila B.O 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Kalluwala B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Kotkader B.O 246763NaginaUttar Pradesh
Kotwali S.O (Bijnor) 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Lakhuwala B.O 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Maheswari Jat B.O 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Majhera Shakroo B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Manawwarpur Said B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Maniyawala B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Nagina S.O (Bijnor) 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Nainpura B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Pakhanpur B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Rajapur Sadat B.O 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Rampur Bishna B.O 246731NaginaUttar Pradesh
Rasoolabad B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Rawana Shikarpur B.O 246735NaginaUttar Pradesh
Rehar B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Saddobair B.O 246761NaginaUttar Pradesh
Saidpura Sultan B.O 246762NaginaUttar Pradesh
Shadipur B.O 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Shahnagar Kurali B.O 246747NaginaUttar Pradesh
Shergarh B.O 246747NaginaUttar Pradesh
Sirwasuchand B.O 246722NaginaUttar Pradesh
Sofatpur B.O 246732NaginaUttar Pradesh
Suawala B.O 246747NaginaUttar Pradesh
Sunpata B.O 246764NaginaUttar Pradesh
Tanda Maidas B.O 246763NaginaUttar Pradesh
Tanda Shahuwala B.O 246724NaginaUttar Pradesh

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